Have An Affair Without Ever Getting Caught

Published: 07th September 2010
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There are many reasons that a person may choose to have an affair. Perhaps you are not being satisfied sexually, perhaps you need a stronger emotional connection than the one you have with your husband or wife, or perhaps you just want to feel younger or more desired. Whatever your reason for choosing to have an affair, if you want to stay happily married you'll need to not get caught.

A successful affair would be an affair that met whatever personal need you were trying to meet, without interfering with your otherwise happy marriage. So how do you have an affair without getting caught?

Ten Tips on Having an Affair and Not Getting Caught

1. The most important thing you can do when attempting to conceal an affair is to choose the right partner. Choose a married affair partner, or a partner who has more to lose if the affair is found out, this way it will be equally important to your mistress / mister than the affair remain concealed. Whatever you do avoid jealous types, clingy types, and gossipy types. Single affair partners may one day become scorned lovers who may try to get revenge by telling your husband or wife about your extramarital tryst.

2. If there are any expenses related to your fast you must always remember to pay cash. If you get a hotel room, go to a nice dinner, or buy your mistress a gift always insure that you can pay with cash money. Paying for your expenses with a credit card will cause a paper trail which may eventually lead right to your infidelity. Be sure to minimize unusual banking behavior and withdraws from your ATM.

3. If you are communicating with your lover online then you should register a new email address with a free email provider such as GMail.A husband or wife who suspects an affair may try to get into your email. Having an email address that your spouse does not know about will help to minimize the potential for damage. Whenever you check your new email address make sure that you are browsing in privacy mode so that your activity is not recorded in your history or cookie files.

4. Treat your wife like a queen. If you want to have an affair without getting caught then it is important to keep your spouse from ever suspecting you are having an affair in the first place. Compliment your spouse, do small favors for them, reinforce the feeling that they are loved.

5. Keep your affair a secret from everyone. It is important that you remain silent and discreet about your affair at all times. You should not tell your friends that you are being unfaithful or one day it may lead to getting caught.

6. Do not place an over emphasis on improving your appearance. Often when a person begins having an affair they will do many things to improve their appearance. Placing a sudden emphasis on becoming more attractive can lead a spouse to suspect an affair. To have an affair without ever getting caught you will need to keep your spouse from ever suspecting that you are unfaithful.

7. Keep a steady schedule. It can be difficult to arrange for proper times to meet your lover but it is important to keep a steady schedule so as not to arouse suspicions of an affair. Meet for your trysts during work hours or other times that you would naturally be away.

8. Never go to your lovers house, or have your lover to your house. Having an affair out of your home will lead to getting caught in almost every case. Whether someone comes home unexpectedly or your wife or husband can just tell someone has been there, this is one move that will lead to your affair being revealed.

9. Minimize unusual phone behavior, do not communicate with your lover using your cell phone or text messages. A suspicious spouse will surely try to get their hands on your phone. If possible you should avoid communicating by phone with your affair partner all together, otherwise you should buy a second cell phone that your spouse knows nothing about. Suspicious phone behavior will surely lead to getting caught having an affair.

10. Feel comfortable with your affair. Be honest with yourself about your infidelity and the reasons that you are having an extramarital tryst. Minimize feelings of guilt that may be associated with your affair. A guilty heart will cause you to leave clues of your infidelity and you do not want your wife finding your hotel key in your pants pockets.

Having an affair without getting caught is not as hard as it may seem. By following these simple tips and strategies you will be able to conceal your extramarital relationships. Having an affair can be an edifying and liberating experience and if properly executed it may actually improve your marriage.

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